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e-Handbooks “Business Spanish”


Spanish for work – at work – to read information and news of economics and business – of meeting – for business – to speak & write correctly in the professional field of economics and business – for teacher of spanish as a foreign language – for teaching and academic work in spanish

“Business Spanish Courses”, levels 0-I-II-III-IV, are courses initially developed for distance learning at the university for teaching of the Spanish Language for economics and business. Currently as online courses are addressed to students of Economics and Business, businessmen, senior managers, entrepreneurs, professionals who need a better knowledge of Spanish, economists, investors, executives, secretaries, as well as for teachers of Spanish as foreign language.


Online teaching and training, coaching and mentoring of Spanish and German as foreign languages for specific purposes

Business – Economy – Work – Trade – Commerce – Companies – Secretariat – Financial World – Banking – Academic Works – Teaching Skills – Medical – DELE & DaF Exams preparation – Training for Diploma exams & tests Certificates of “Business Spanish” of the Madrid Official Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Professional language training & teaching – Learn and increase their language skills – Coaching & mentoring to improve and develop their language knowledge and skills

      International secretary – Business correspondence

Import – Export

 Banking – Financial

        For Work – For Business is a page where you can start, improve and perfect your knowledge of Spanish and German.

  • The courses are intended and designed for students of economics and business and other curricula, for businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, economists, managers, executives, secretaries, skilled employees and teachers of Spanish and German as a Second Language for specific purposes, who want to increase their knowledge of Spanish and/or German in the Field of Economic and Business Sciences.
  • On this page you can start your knowledge of Spanish and German. The development of these languages for specific purposes such as economics and business, as well as the professional medical field and for the performance of their professional or educational work. Preparation for exams and diplomas certified by the Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institut and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Training, teaching, coaching and mentoring in Spanish for university studies degree and preparation for the correctness of their academic work in these languages.
  • It offers different courses and levels that suit to the knowledge that you have of the language: Business Spanish, German for Business, …
  • Personalized teaching according to your interests.
  • It provides teaching, training, coaching and mentoring according to your needs, with grammar and functional content to properly express what you want to say.
  • Individual classes or small groups up to 3 people.

One to One Spanish and German Conversation Courses

According to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

This course will fit in right with your way of learning.

Ideal for medium level to advanced level learners, this course requires will help you build your Spanish or German fluency and written skills. You should know alphabets, basic grammar and should be able to construct some really simple sentences.

In 10 LIVE interactive online classes, this course will help you improve and expand your vocabulary and grammar, for social or professional usage.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • You’ll be able to understand, speak and express yourself in Spanish or German.
  • You’ll be able to improve your pronunciation and fluency.
  • Proper utilization and uses of grammatical structures…

Designed to equip you with communicative Spanish or German beneficial in professional setup.


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